25 thoughts on “Activewear Clothing Haul – ASOS, Gymshark, Pretty Little Thing & Lululemon

  1. Hey Lucy! The reason these things are so cheap is because they’re made by impoverished people and children working for very little money in poor conditions and the materials are produced the same way and wreak havoc on the environment πŸ™ƒ I know a lot of people don’t think about this so that’s why I’m commenting! (gymshark is no different honestly they just jack up the prices for garbage materials made by people in β€˜third world’ countries) anyway maybe you can try to focus on spending more on sustainable brands or buying second hand if price is a real constraint! Vinted for example has tons and tons and tons of things for sale that people have barely even worn πŸ™‚

  2. Love your videos ❀️ have you ever tried "prozis"? I am curious about this brand… The clothes seem similar to gym shark, but a lot cheaper πŸ€”

  3. Hi Lucy, I love your content! Can you make a video on how you got into the career you have now and the challenges you faced/ things you had to learn etc. I absolutely love your approach on how to treat yourself and how to achieve personal fitness goals, and it would be so awesome to hear about your journey to what you do now as a career! I'm currently a food microbiologist but want to change fields into helping people transform their relationship with food/body image and you are a great role model in your approach to training! Best from California <3 <3

  4. Now I just want to go shopping πŸ˜„ I usually just wear old tank tops and boxer shorts. I know that having actual active wear would be extra motivation to get moving everyday. Reviews like this are so helpful! Thank you!!

  5. Loved this haul! Thanks for including affordable stuff I never would have thought pretty little things had stuff you could use for workout clothes. Also I wear the exact same colors black white grey and blue lmao

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