1. I love all of the swimsuits you tried on! Thank you so much for sharing your sizing details too! It definitely helps to have a fit reference when shopping for a size!

  2. Not entirely sure how I ended up on your channel… Maybe it's because we're both in ATX, although I'm in the tech end of town. No matter… I like the polish of your videos… Very well done. Don't know as we'll ever need a spokesmodel for our products anytime soon, but if we do, you'll be on the short list.

    Keep up the good work representing our mutual hometown…

  3. soooo obsessed with all your looks! Im cuuuurrently living in japan but heading home this summer to hit the beach with the fam! I can't wait to go bathing suit shopping! im LOVING the scallop and ruffle bikinies! super cute! keep being beautiful and awesome!!

  4. I am so paranoid to wear shorts because of my veins. But maybe the fake tan would work for my pale skin. My hubby likes me just the way i look though. What would you recommend for pale skin?

  5. OMG you rock those bikinis, and having a similar body type as yours, you make me feel confident to rock a swimsuit with my small chest. The first swimsuit is my fav but I like the second one too (totally wearable on a europe vacation).

  6. Swimsuit 6 is definitely my favorite, but YIKES on that nearly $400 price tag. My favorite swimsuit is still a one piece Speedo that I bought nearly 20 years ago. It's really just a very plain classic and it's still in perfect condition. For fun, trendy swimwear I love to shop at Target or Kohl's.

  7. You look great in all the swimsuits. Your editing skills have improved so much. I had to chuckle when you were talking about the sandals but inserted a clip of the sun tan spray. But your YouTube future seems bright.

  8. heyy Dani! just discovered your youtube an instagram! from the UK, and I love all your videos! and love how you bring your faith to your platform, I think it's amazing! my favourite swimsuit is the 2nd one with the high waisted bottoms and ruffle top! and that off the shoulder dress is gorgeous! so glad I found your channel! much love! 💕 😊

  9. Dani your style is so cute and I love all the pieces you showed! Especially that black one piece. It's so classic and looks awesome on you <3 Also that bag is perfect for the beach 😀

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