Provo la Lingerie di SHEIN!! TRY ON HAUL!

#tryonhaul #lingerie #intimo
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TIK TOK: @dianabartolomeo

Body bianco e gonnellina:
Completino verde:
Completo reggicalze:
Pagliaccetto raso e pizzo:
Vestaglia + mutandina:



  1. Salam sister, quick question regarding the customs and duty fee. Currently there's a mention that my total $$ includes customs and duty so I am wondering if your order also mentioned that? p.s. also ordering from Canada. Thanks in advance.

  2. Be careful this is not the case for everyone the second time they make mistakes once they sent me the color that I am not chosen and today I received a coat of size 46 instead of 42 the problem is that when you want to claim it by email I don't receive any answer I tried to call on the phone it doesn't answer then on their payment you have to send the wrapped item but it withdraws 6 € and it reimburses you the rest it does not change it. Anyway, I don't recommend it to anyone.
    Wallahou a3lam.

  3. Sister I giving an advice please don't make any video on modanisa please.
    I put 3 order over 500£ since October they didn't send me my order and I call them many times everytime they told me different story, yesterday I checked on Google why I didn't get my order I can't believe when I saw how many sisters get same problem, this is very stressful for me it's lots of money.
    They stole my money.
    Thank you

  4. الجمارك أعادت شحنتي بعد ان وصلت الى فيدكس الى امريكا لان المعلومات عن هذه الشركة غير كافيه ، مكتب فيدكس حاول الاتصال بهم فارسلو لهم المعلومات لكنها ايضا غير كافيه لذالك اضطرت فيدكس باعادة شحنتي لهم وتاكدت من هذا من اتصالي مع الشركة واعطائم رقم الشحنه لكن مادونيسا في خدمة الزبون لم يستجيبو و في صفحة الفيس بوك في كل شهر يقولو الي انتظري ١٤ يوم وانا الان مضى على هذه القصة ٥ اشهر في نهاية الامر قالو لي ان اتاكد بان الشحنه وصلت اليهم وانا تاكدت من البداية المبلغ كان $٢٠٤ . باختصار شركة لا يثق بها

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