Pretty Little Thing GYM WEAR TRY ON HAUL | Is It Worth it?

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38 thoughts on “LULULEMON TRY-ON HAUL | NEW IN JUNE 2020

  1. I love my new yoga mat! It's perfect. I got the Black/White/Black pattern to hid any imperfections that might happen.

  2. wow!! I love lulu lemon¬¬ Thanks for sharing!! really love 6:26 on you!! Thanks for sharing..Ive to head to their site!! hahah Im a newbie here as well ! would you like to genuienly sup porrt each other?

  3. Not sure why I got unsubscribed from your channel. What have I done to you?

  4. You got some really cute stuff and awesome body too 😊


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  5. We LOVE a Lululemon haul!! I’m so jelly that you got your hands on the Ambition shorts! I had them in my cart for like 5mins prior to them selling out 🥺

  6. Definitely no such thing as too much lululemon, hello! 🙄😂

  7. Cute pieces! The white tops and white shorts are my favorites! (Hmm I guess I like white? Lol)

  8. What is your waist measurement? I am the same height but i have a hard time with the sizing for lulu

  9. Yes girl I loved everything you got ! You look stunning ! 😍🔥 thanks for sharing a lovely haul ! Hopefully we can support each other 🦋

  10. You always have the best hauls <3 LuLulemon has soo many cute pieces out right now I def need to go check them out 🙂 I loved the tie-dye set so much that's too cute!! Also really loved the white crop top, gray shorts, and the blueish leggings <3

  11. Just discovered you and I'm OBSESSED! you are incredible babe, so down to earth, so funny, so beautiful, love your content, keep it up! getting me through quarantine 🙂

  12. Love all your hauls Carissa! You have an amazing fasion sense. Love watching your videos❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Love all of the items 😍especially the diamond dye outfit I am obsessed with the patterns I know it’s more money but I buy it anyway every time too🙈😂

  14. You are based in Seattle? Somehow I always thought you are Canadian XD maybe cuz the brands you review are. love your lulu hauls! Do you use self-tanner on the body?

  15. Love your Lulu videos soooo much! Of all the Lulu reviews I watch (all of them), your style most closely compares to mine which makes your reviews very relatable. Thank you for all the great info as always!!!!🤍🤍🤍

  16. They recently changed the trackers to LR from MR! So sad. The tracker 2s used to be mid rise. Those were fire. They do look great on you though!!! Even pulled up.

  17. I loveeee those pinkish align leggings! I keep trying to control myself I’ve added them to my cart so many times😂 I just got the blue tie dye align shorts in 6” in the shorts and they’re 😍😍

  18. Really love all their studio pants! Their joggers, street to studio and studio crops are some of my faves 🙂 I always size down since the fabric tends to stretch with wear.

  19. Another great video — clicked on this so fast! Everything looks so great on you! (Definitely not helping with my lulu addiction) I just recently bought the dance studio joggers as well. I am short too (4’10) so I kind of roll up the cuff a little if the length really bothers me 😅 I really wish Lulu could come out with petite sizing. Also might have to be on the lookout for those soft ambition shorts. I love anything with pockets.

  20. I love the lululemon shorts in grey!! I have been on a hunt for shorts like that but there sold out of my size 2! Hopefully they come back in stock. Love your vids and style 🥰😊

  21. I got a 0 and 2 in the joggers too. For me, they both fit and the zero still isn't tight, but I can't make them highrise the way I can the size 2.

  22. i did the same thing with the shorts. I got an 8 and 6, both fit fine, keeping both LOL

  23. Regarding your question on whether a size 0 would be shorter than size 2 the answer is no. Sizes go wider, but not shorter. Every length in lululemon is specified, so the joggers would be tighter on you but not shorter. Hope it helps

  24. Love the chambray color so much that I have it in 3 different styles of their leggings. And I was lucky enough to snag a pair of the Wunder Trains in grey sage before my size sold out! Also ordered the 21 “ crop version of the new purply diamond dye aligns. They’re supposed to come tomorrow. Seriously have a problem but glad I’m not the only one! Have a great weekend!! ❤️

  25. Yay!! Thanks for reviewing the mat!! I really wanted the lighter colors like daydream or chambray but i guess the reviews that talked about staining were pertaining to these lighter colors! So sad cause they’re sooo beautiful. I guess I’ll just have to get a black one! Also grey sage is one of my favorites too, i just got the grey sage flow y long line bra, align short 6”, and the wunder trains haha everything grey sage!! I also got the tracker short last week and i love them so much! You make every piece look so good!!

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