1. Their clothes are so cute but I noticed a lot of their clothes are see through which is not that great considering they are very expensive.

  2. princess poly have sooo many cute tops but it’s hard to find the right bra to go with their
    tops. what type strapless bra do you usually wear for these kind of revealing top?

  3. Hey beautiful people! might seem random but just wanted to say Jesus loves you!! If you have not accepted Jesus into your heart and life then please do so! He loves you soo much and wants nothing more than to be your father & have a loving relationship with you 💗 he wants to heal your heart from any hurt, pain, depression, insecurities, lies you’ve been told, etc. he wants to replace it with a heart that is overflowed with his joy, love & peace that only he can provide. 💗 he’s coming back very soon!! stay safe out there & pray over yourself & your loved ones!

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