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  1. Omg that nude tank is so cute!!
    I just posted an affordable summer haul as well—so if any one wanted to check it out I’d love some feedback🧡 (I’m new here haha)

  2. Love those Strawberry Chic "dupey options!" : ) Keep suggesting them! The two things you felt were cheap were my favorite! The blue dress was so sweet and that last layered pink one…you looked smashing in it (with your arms down of course). Cracked me up. Do what you gotta do to look cute. It really looks designer expensive so wear it! Headed over to your shop now! Really appreciate all the best in one convenient place. Great Haul Amanda!

  3. Always cute stuff no matter what store.
    Was wondering if you can show the back of the clothes more often. Sometimes you mention something about the back and don't show us. Again I am sure its hard to do that when you film yourself. Perhaps a tripod so you don't have to hold camera and can turn around.
    Thank you so much for all the styling tips for each outfit also. So not good at it and you really help.

  4. I’ve watched a number of your videos but this is the first time I’ve commented. I love your style and particularly that you don’t always need skin tight clothes. Love your style!!!

  5. I like all the blue, pinks and pastel colors you choose! Very pretty and some good ideas for summer. I haven't been spray tanning anymore though, I just feel like what is wrong with my skin color that I should dye it darker just to fit in? Not for me! It would not be considered ok if was mainstream for darker skinned people to be dying their skin to be popular, so why should I? I am embracing my paleness now, and I think choosing lighter clothing colors helps to be more flattering.

  6. the dress at 11:08 that is gorgeous on you, that is one of the best dresses I have seen on you
    up till now! and you may ask well Michelle how many dresses have you seen me in? I don't
    know but that is definitely one of the best! 🙂

  7. Amanda, you are amazing. This is the exact type of Amazon haul I was looking for. Your opinions are concise and straightforward, what more could one ask for?

  8. Love seeing what people buy from Amazon! Sooo…I have those slides from Walmart and I love mine (so inexpensive!) and I typically don’t like white sandals. I have similar white tassel earrings from amazon also, they came in a three pack of black, red, and white for around $10 👍🏻. I also have that navy and white strapless dress from amazon and bought it several years ago for a beach vacay. It was easy and perfectly cute even for traveling in. I ordered mine specifically due to the comments that it ran short and it’s perfect length on me with flats. Must have changed the sizing since then. Oh! And those Sam Edelman heels arrived that I ordered and I really like them! Mine are a great muse color and leather. Thanks for all your great recommendations in your videos 💖💖

  9. I loved that pink dress at the end of the video! It’s something I could wear at my age, covers the arms and legs! I really liked all the others that you also liked on you.

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