Plus Size SHEIN Summer Clothing Haul 2020! + review & tryon haul

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Hello everybody! I am really excited to show you guys all the cute clothes I got from #shein ! I am a plus sized girl, and shopping can be hard at times when you want trendy clothes that are flattering but also affordable. I have seen good reviews about shein, but how good are their clothes really? So, to investigate I bought some items that caught my eye that I thought were be good summer clothing pieces and decided to review them and try them on for you guys! I hope this plus size shein clothing haul is entertaining and informative for you all!

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My sizes are normally 18 in bottoms and L-XL in tops

LINKS: to all the clothes

Dragon shirt:

White crop top:

Blue crop top:

Lilac crop top:

Blue pants:

Green skirt:

Green shorts:

Strawberry dress:

Check out SweetHime! :

Pure Imagination by Dotan Negrin + Prismatic Mantis
in my love by BROCKBEATS
Ice Tea by Not The King

Hi! Did you make it all the way down here? Wanna learn something? Well, I mentioned what dragons mean in chinese culture in my video! I have always thought dragon symbolism in chinese culture is really cool not only because of how they look, but also for what they represent. Here’s a link to learn more:


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