Panty try on Haul – micro string, thong, crotchless panty try on !

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lingerie haul review 2020 testing the new panties

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Panty try on Haul – micro string, thong, crotchless panty try on ! n19


26 thoughts on “Spencer's lingerie + toy haul

  1. When a gentleman is asked what is it he likes about a lady in STOCKINGS and PANTYHOSE , and perhaps a Lady does not come to the understanding that within a mans mind lies a appreciation of PERFECTION. And when HE sees a GREAT pair of Legs, He recognizes that beauty , the lack of MAR, HE sees the PERFECTION in those legs. And he admires that VISION , and in so doing he sees part of the perfection of a WOMAN in his own way. I see your perfection , it appears STUNNING to me, I am forever grateful. Now some would say I may have may have a FETISH, Than I say me and every other man, no doubt other woman who appreciate the look as well. And so I say If it is a Fetish of your body, your Legs in Stockings, I CAN LIVE WITH IT. FOREVER GRATEFUL of your BEAUTY. I only wish I could touch those legs, and hold you in my arms. Thank you LIV for sharing in that BEAUTY

  2. When your not filming, do you wear panties under pantyhose? All my friends do wear panties. I personally dont…that's what the cotton gusset is for right? And it makes me feel sexy…just wondering your option 🙂

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