Panty try on Haul – micro string, thong, crotchless panty try on !

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lingerie haul review 2020 testing the new panties

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Panty try on Haul – micro string, thong, crotchless panty try on ! n19



  1. Thank you for this super informative video!! I'm an 30FF, so it's really hard for me to find bras that fit! It's getting better though 🙂 Will definitely check this brand out! We only do swimwear, so am in need of some bras for my big bust!

  2. I really like this video!😊 I never bought any underwear from Hunkemöller but I think I'm going to give them a try soon. I especially like the pink the pink bra with the diamonds on it. It just looks soooo cute 😍
    Love xxx

  3. Aww Sian, I love the top you wear in the video! It looks lovely xx
    And btw I think there is no problem with showing your underwear.. I mean, there is neither a problem with showing Bikinis..
    I really like these bras, all of them are beautiful, but I absolutely love the colour of the bra with the diamonds, it looks super cute X

  4. I love them 🙂 the are i Denmark to 🙂 and the are fantasitisk

  5. Hey💕 Oh I'm so late today😂It's a very good idea to show your bras in this video because not many people do that! They are very beautiful and I love Hunkemöller but I only have one of their bras😍 Enjoy this beautiful day☀️ Lots of love, Kira xx

  6. Lovely video Sian! Your bras are quite beautiful. 🙂
    Not everyone would show their underwear in a video. So that's very nice from you and brave😇
    I don't have any bra from Hunkemöller, maybe I have to check it out.
    Love Lisa xx

  7. Sian you look stunning 💗 the haul is gorgeous! I really enjoy watching the video! I'm not really active on the Insta page( sian.lovers) at the moment because I'm on vacation! but after the vacation I'm trying to be active again💗 have a great day! and i'll give you something from Italy at the Open Day;) lots of love Annabell xx

  8. Hi Sian, great Video! I only have a few pieces of underwear from Hunkemöller as I have an absolute standard bra size and I can buy underwear almost everywhere. But I bought two bikinis and two bathing suits at Hunkemöller in Bochum and in Gelsenkirchen two weeks ago and can't wait to wear them in our holidays which will start tomorrow😁🐬🍦🌞🏖 Have nice Sunday😊

  9. Thanks for sharing these – the first black one looks gorgeous. I love the Hunkemöller underwear – most comfortable bra I ever bought. I definitely need to stock up soon because they don't have stores in the UK 😭 Have a nice Sunday xx

  10. I actually have two of the bras you showed and I'm not even surprised anymore 😂 I love love LOVE Hunkemöller! They had a 6 for 20€ offer on thongs on Friday – so I got 12 because the deal was so good haha. xoxo

  11. Hey Sian ,the Things are very beautiful. And all your Videos are beautiful too . I enjoyed that when I watch your Videos . Keep it up 💕. Have a wounderful day and lot's of love 💕 . Lisa xx

  12. I think it's brave to speak about the own underwear in a video, because not a lot of people would do that. But you did tgat, so you're really brave! Hace a nice Sunday Sian! 💕

  13. it's a beautiful Haul. I am currently sick. But until the open day, I'm fit again Because it's good to hear your voice and listen to you in the Video ♡ I wish you an great sunday 🙂 Love greetings from me as Bochum 🙂 see you on open day 🌹

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