panty thong try on haul

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48 thoughts on “This is why I only wear THONGS – Aerie undie try on haul

  1. there is a difference between high waisted and high hips. high waisted is when the front comes way up high over the navel. High hip is just the sides ride high. High waisted is out and very unflattering unless you are super tall and have a long torso. High hip 80s look is back in now, and it looks so much better than frumpy high waisted and it elongates the legs to make you look taller and slimmer

  2. When she's old and past it, she won't be able to use her looks to manipulate men. She will be begging men for attention. It will be a complete reversal. Not picking on this girl in particular. It'll be the same for all the girls who have " Fans only" pages and do underwear shows.

  3. So excited Lexi's back! She was my favorite Gym Booty model! And I'm glad you reuploaded her old videos! Except you missed the one where she reviewed a sig gun!

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