20 thoughts on “Zaful bikini try on haul..i've got a problem😂

  1. which on was your favorite? Also let me know if you guys want a bikini collection video, lord knows I have enough bikinis for that.😂

  2. You look amazing in all of them. Absolutely gorgeous !

  3. Hello Princess! post videos more often, so we can appreciate your beauty even more, greetings from Brazil! A kiss in your heart! ❤

  4. Most successful video yet hun!! Good for you! Where do u go from here? Lingerie haul????

  5. Now your getting the views you deserve!!! I think 12k is your most. Keep it up hun. That amazing body is going to make you a star 😍

  6. Loooving the swimsuits on you! Super cute and your slaying with the toned bod… the edits though have me dying 😂😂😂

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