Night Out//Formal Outfits Try-On | Genelle

Hey babes, so I am OBSESSED with House of CB and I always need help finding perfect night out//formal outfits soooo here is a try-on! Hope this helped you …


44 thoughts on “bikini try-on haul!!

  1. If i had like 10% of your beauty i could die happy. Sounds depressing. I swear i’m a happy person lmao. But yeah you’re flawless! Hope yer happy too😂

  2. I dont know if it's just me. But something about this girl looks sad. Yeah, she might have the face and the body. Sure, she has a rich boyfriend. But I have to admit, something doesnt seem right. And ofcourse I could be wrong.

  3. Such a gorgeous girl but why do I feel like every time she talks I'm loosing brain cells?? This is the true example of God balancing shit out he couldn't give her intelligence cause it would be unfair Lol. Not being a hater but def you should work on your communicating skills you sound so airhead…. but your stunning so you cant win them all LOL

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