NEW Gymshark Try On Haul & Review | SQUAT PROOF? | Spring 2020 Sportswear |Honest Opinion and Review

GYMSHARK HAUL | NEW RELEASES! Squat Proof?! I’m reviewing the new 2020 collections from Gymshark. The new releases included are the Adapt …



  1. Glad I found your channel, finally someone actually relatable on YouTube 😩

  2. You're soooooo gorgeous we can't cope :0

    Liked and subbed! cant wait for more!!!!!!!1

    <3 We would love it if you could check out our channel and let us know what you think <3


  3. how do you find so many gorg pieces in Primark all the time, I need you to come and do a Primark shop for me honestly😭❤️

  4. Love this! Really enjoy your positive attitude gurl ☺️ Would love to support each other 🙌🏻💖

  5. Hi Chole great tips with Primark Thanks i will have to go and check it out😘💙

  6. U should put ya eyeliner up higher cause it's just dragging ur eyes down

  7. New here and subscribed♥️ loved this!! Would love it if we could support each other as I have a channel too xxx

  8. Where are thee prints from in your background? love that you always have fresh flowers. Your hair look beautiful here 💐 love a chloe Primark haul 🎀

  9. Omg 😮 I love the crop top but I can’t wear crop tops I don’t have the tummy at all and I love the colour blue honestly love the blue top on you so cute loved this video was the best love your nails and earrings and shorts I just loved everything in this video

  10. Just started out on YouTube, if you have time please give my video a watch, would love some feedback!

  11. Darling you are so beautiful ! And your room (from what I can see) is just GOALS ! 💗 Lots of Love from Germany ❤️

  12. Defo gonna be buying some of these items… luckily I am going Primark next Saturday… I love you 💕

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