1. you need Jesus Christ to save you from sin lady. you don’t understand what your doing, you could die, people die all the times at any moment you never know. get right with God.

  2. lust never satisfies it leads to hell fire for eternity

  3. you don't have to answer this if you don't want, but… it looks like you have some sorta scar on your right cheek on your face. or is that just the lighting? 9:12

  4. 2:43 and where is a suggestion box so i can give the site some ideas for more toys? cuz i think it'd be better, like if there were vibrators with a cordless remote. and your partner (or one of your partners, if you're engaging in a threesome, can control the speed it vibrates. or even you control the speed of it while your partner just holds it up to you.)

  5. two questions, Lena. first off, do you have a favorite Avenger of MCU character? and second, you ever did a roleplay or something like maybe an…. Avengers Porno vid? sorry. naturally curious

  6. maybe for the voice thing, try some tea. maybe honey lemon (i dunno if you should try Ginger tea as well, but… just experiment a lil, miss LTP.) >;-)

  7. I have a 12 inch dick, I’d be perfect for click bait lol

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