22 thoughts on “H&M SUMMER HAUL & TRY ON // Fashion Mumblr

  1. I’m in love with that floral midi dress and quite upset that it doesn’t seem to exist in the US

  2. Darling, it's so funny, I just received my Pilates ring last week too in pink, but slightly more peachy tone, turn on your video and see you with a pink Pilates ring. The video is dated June 21st so that's about the same time that we both have received the rings, haha 🌞

  3. Joise please can you help me I really want the glitter lipstick in you're Xmas video but I would like a small pot of the lipstick before I buy it I've been poorly with covid 19 so not been able to go out I'd really appreciate your help in this matter, I'd also like to say what a beautiful home you have now I watched all you're videos and I've been subscribed to your channel for 2years now I luv you're taste in home and clothes, I do envy the hand and body plus the house hold goodies that you get sent, like hand creams and washing up liquid, you're a good person and you're partner is sweet too!!please please help with the red glitter lipstick from you're Xmas video thank you Amanda forbes "bellamy my email is padleyamanda@gmail.com x

  4. Hi, I'm new to your channel. Have you ever done a post on your skin care routine? Your complexion is gorgeous! In the US…MARY MCASKILE

  5. Josie, you make everything look good. That print midi dress looks especially lovely on you. I must agree with some other commenters, however, that the pink dress does nothing for you and looks a bit like a sack (sorry!). I have tried a few of these on already in an 'actual' shop and I would caution anyone who is taller (I am 175cm or 5'9") that the white jumpsuit is…awkwardly short, shall we say. What a shame, because it looks great on someone shorter! Similar problem (though not as uncomfortable) with the midi-length dress, on a taller person it just cuts the legs off at an unflattering length. Ah well, I'll just have to appreciate these pieces on other people.

  6. Love your vlogs like this, with a combination of vlog and haul! Your videos are always such feel-good relaxing moments for me.

  7. They look so cute clipped. What beautiful little sausages. We have a smooth haired red dachshund. Xx

  8. hahahaha i love that you just drove halfway through to London by accident :D:D:D this one is for the books 😀

  9. Hello – I love the floral sleeveless dress and the whit floral skirt but, I live in the US. Any idea how to get it here.

  10. Wow, I have not watched you since your move and what a change! You are a proper country girl now! Love the song when you walked in the fields! So happy for you both! ❤️

  11. What is the song in this video during your walk? It’s so nice!

  12. Shiseido eye curler is the most popular brand in Korea for ages. Japanese liquid eyeliners are also really good.

    Aigle is also a quite popular brand here. We don't have Topshop, Reis, River Island here btw.

  13. "The butchers, the bakers, the candlestick makers"
    What I said in my head, lol!

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