27 thoughts on “👙TRY ON LINGERIE & SEX TOY HAUL | Adam & Eve💋

  1. I think your so beautiful and gorgeous hot. I love your hair, voice and eyes. Hot curves on all the right places.

  2. That giant clit toy seems like a waste when a tiny vibrator does the job LOL

  3. Could you review the toys, and also turn them on? I would like to know how loud they are. I want to travel and take one back home, but don't want the in-laws to hear me & hubby buzzing away at night, ha!

  4. Can you please start vlogging? I don't care if they're boring, you at home, running errands, etc… I just love listening to you talk. So soothing & such a girly girl. Also, will you do an updated hygeine/shower routine video. You look so fresh! I bet you smell like a cupcake! (I'm not a weirdo, haha!)

  5. Thanks so much for the coupon code! Hubby & I will be shopping tonight! Also, GIRL. Pleeeease do a tutorial on your makeup in this video!!! Your eyes look f'ing SEXY as HELL.

  6. The title was a bit adult-like, but I actually liked the video! Thanks 🙂

  7. I'm happy you dared to talk about toys, and thanks very much for the code!!! But if you do this again, PLEASE try them and let us know what you thought. Obviously low detail, but at least a "Yes" or No" for each toy. They're SO expensive. Hearts.

  8. Kristina I'm a huge fan
    I was actually one of first subscribers
    I love your makeup
    Be honest are you using those toys ? Lol

  9. Random Question, Is the packaging discrete for adam and eve!? like does it say its from that site? I live with roommates and I dont really care if they see whats on the box if i order, But i'm just wondering, because if I can avoid it, I will. lol

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