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  1. How tall are you?? I’m thinking of ordering a dress and I’m kinda tall

  2. I just ordered the first dress for my vegas wedding. Ahhhhhh I'm so excited for it to get here.

  3. Please please please try dresses from BY COUTURIER. You looked beautiful in all those dresses by the way😍

  4. never compromise ladies that man gonna buy the next girl £1000 wedding dress anyway as he's marrying the one he cheated on you with.

  5. Oh my goshhh…You are stunning!!! I am binge watching your videos as my fiancé and I are getting married at the courthouse this June, followed by a reception in the backyard that Saturday. So, I am looking for three affordable, beautiful white dresses (including one for my bridal shower). These dresses are so perfect! 😊

  6. I'm so tempted to just buy the first dress! If I were to do it, I'd buy it but I'd also get a detachable skirt that has a train to make it look more "bridal"

  7. I love weddings but they very very expensive sooo I planned my wedding (I’m ten 😂) I love coffee cake it’s my fav and my dress will be like a tutu almost not really long and boot heels (I am a very big tomboy)

  8. I loved the third dress the most, you looked beautiful in all of them !

  9. Just curious to know do you still own those dress fell in love with them and they don't sell it no more, will gladly buy it from you

  10. Those dresses do look like a beach vacation running in the sand or walking on the beach kinda dresses!

  11. I'm not even getting married or in a relationship, but why not?

  12. My dress was 30 bucks, had the ceremony in my brother in laws large yard in front of his barn. Build or made everything. My brother did my hair and makeup, sister made my bouquet. And had dinner at a restaurant. Cheap and lovely. My two favorite words describe my whole wedding.

  13. I'm sorry, but most of dresses except for first look SUPER cheap and not good, and u r all the time being like "OH I LOVE THIS DRESS SO MUCH", seriously? Wanna see your ACTUAL wedding dress..

  14. Please don’t think I’m being rude, bc I’m not trying to be….You’re so gorgeous, but please, pretty please, stop animating every word with hand movements! It’s just distracting. I’ve been a subbie since your “big Texas hair” video from years ago, and I’m really not trying to be negative. Congrats on your wedding! I wish you both love and happiness in the years to come 😘

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