16 thoughts on “2 November 2018 Adult toy haul at the auction

  1. very nice channel like you, lets be friends forever , i got you please bk me will be my hounor , will b thankful for your support

  2. What sort of auction was it. How could all of this random things end up in a bag? I don't get it

  3. Katie Perry/ Gloria Huniford I absolutely wet myself … hair is looking 👌🏻 I really wanna chop mine off but I’m scared of looking like a butch lesbian…. Japan is on my bucket list too have loved Linnie’s pictures …..😂😂 at the nipple clips 😂😂 Jesus I’m howling the pop up goal 🥅 was bloody hilarious hands down funniest auction bag yet

  4. I found this video rather amusing 😀 "I hope the wire brush isn't for the bedroom" LOL  – Have a great weekend, looks like you will haha x

  5. oh my days! laughed so much at this! you're a hoot! we sooo think alike! stay fabulous my friend xx

  6. The nipple suckers aren't for those that have lazy boyfriends. Anyone who suggests those, clearly know what they do and are to be appreciated lol I'll save you from that explanation though ha x

  7. Maybe that glue gun is how the nipple clamps are kept on hahaha x I am sat here with a coffee and a dairy free chocolate rice cake laughing my Boobies off hahahaha x

  8. Hahahahahah x when that Pringle thing opened I nearly fell off the couch x hahahaha x really laughing out loud hahaha

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