40 thoughts on “YESSTYLE SHOE HAUL Try-on! Was it worth it?

  1. I find it very helpful that you include how the material is like, if it feels cheap or sturdy or high quality, and also how comfortable they are. It is very very helpful!! Thank you!!

  2. Yesstyle has very nice shoes, sneakers, clothes, accessories and everything you want. And face masks! But i leave in Greece. Has a little bit differents in numbers and i' m afraid of buing anything wrong as the shipping is expensive from UK. Can you tell me a way to buy and come here free?

  3. I have small feet, and also struggle with any heel or open toed shoes !! if you know of any brands/stores they sell shoes at a size 4-5 US please share the details!! Because I gave up lmao

  4. I recently ordered a few stuffs from yesstyle which will be shipped on 11 oct, but im kinda worried how its gonna be.
    Im in Cayman Islands and most online shopping dont deliver here but yesstyle did and Its my first time doing online shopping from here so I really dont know how its gonna get delivered to me or custom fees and charges etc. Now, il just cross my finger and wait😂

  5. Renben is a really popular shoe brand in China hhh. The shoes are comfortable, stylish and affordable. I like their winter collection most as those shoes really keep my foot warm in freezy days!

  6. I ordered the Freesia boots in black before I watched this video and I’m soooo glad you like them cause now I’m more confident that I’ll like the shoes so thank youuuu💜💜

  7. I’m size 5 in the us but I ordered a size 36 on nastygal and they fit a bit big but thankfully I got boots so I can make it work with thick socks but I’m wondering if I order a size 36 on YesStyle will it fit me or will it still be big and should I get 35 instead??

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