29 thoughts on “Honest Fabletics Review! Try-On Haul & My Favorite Pieces!

  1. Also ich bin echt enttäuscht es ist ne richtige Abo Falle.also lasst die Finger davon oder bestellen und schnell kündigen.wenn man kein VIP ist sind die Preis eine verarschung da kann man wo anderes bestellen und bekommt auch sehr gute Qualität für gutes geld

  2. Is commenting on bigger youtuber's videos that your a small youtuber appropriate when you have 9 followers and 6 of them are family members lol? Anyways, I just uploaded a Fabletics haul after watching a bunch of these videos! I was so pleased!! So cute & so comfy!! Can't wait to pick out more things next month!

  3. Idk what to get: short, regular, or long. I’m 132 llbs and have bigger thighs and butt. I read reviews and they said for the power house legging to get a XS…need input asap bc they sell out FAST

  4. Thank you so much for this video! I'm thinking of ordering some Cute Booty leggings but I hear their sizing depends on the style you get. Has anyone tried them on or know of them?

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