Massive Valentino Rock Stud SALE Shoe Haul | Unboxing + Try On

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You guys had a lot of questions regarding the sale. So, I’m gonna write up some info here. I got the shoes on sale at Holt Renfrew, they had a 4 hour sale during one of the days in December. I was able to score these for around $600 each (other than the flats). I like the flats and kitten heel the best. I can’t stand all day in the tall heels, they are really just a in and out of the car type of shoe. Will they have such a big sale again? I don’t know. But Valentino shoes do go on sale in most department stores as well as Europe during sale season. Given that they make so many colors each season, seasonal colors that are not as thought after have a better chance of going on sale. Thus, if you are planning to buy regular price, you should maybe talk to a sales and wait and see if something will go on sale. Or if you are willing to buy regular price then you should consider getting a color and height that you really love (hopefully one that doesn’t normally go on sale :)). Hope that helps! & Rmber to follow me on instagram πŸ™‚


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  1. I am in my office and watching her videos that's how I am risking my job coz she puts a lot of efforts for her subscribers and that's my duty to let her know that her video is and the way she is improving soon we gonna be 100k quirkysquad…Really liked your first buy that denim jeans I really like that how realistic you are…and I am following you on your every social platform except Twitter coz I don't use that#quirkysquad #giveawayparticipated

  2. Watching this during quarantine 2020 coz Myntra is gonna have a sale soon and I can't stop without your reviews…and yes you r about to hit 500k β™₯️β™₯️

  3. Hi….I loved this video…was looking for some dresses online my upcoming Goa trip..and wanted to grab on offers during myntra sale…your video came on perfect time…just loved your blue sequen dress..this one is sure buy for me…another buy which I liked was zebba silver sandals…wills surely try this brand..keep making videos like this…thanks a ton….hope I could be lucky one to get your free voucher..

  4. I have shared this video on instagram. Because i don't use other any social media
    I like the YWC leggings so much

    Love you lottt hope i can win the GIVAWAY πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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