47 thoughts on “Trying AFFORDABLE & TRENDY Gym Clothes | Target Try-On Haul

  1. I really love this video but I’m watching it now Feb 2020 and the links don’t work and it’s kinda hard to find the tie dye set. But I’m hoping to go to target in person since they have a new workout line and try it out !!

  2. You are awesome. I just started CrossFit and my body size is changing way too much to spend a fortune on expensive workout clothes. I came across your video and I am running to target to pick up some of these items to get me through the next few months! Thank you!!

  3. Can anyone pls pls pls help me! No matter what im wearing im having a sweat mark on seat after getting up from machine in gym! What kind of brands do i need to wear to avoid that!! a first time gymmer!! I never went to gym before now that i do im so embarrased to constantly check!!

  4. yasss thank you for posting this! i love that its actually affordable and i can try it all on in the store. i get kind of tired of seeing reviews of all the brands that are popular on IG and only sold online *ahem*gymshark*. also just want to say i can tell how hard you've been working and it totally shows! loving your content lately and you seem so happy!

  5. You’re my favorite person to watch/listen to at the gym!!! 💕
    Even if I have to rewatch videos hahaha

    Anywayyyy… I just realized the reason I like you so much! We have the same bday , so duhhhh.. of course you’re awesome! 💁🏻‍♀️😂

  6. I bought the all black outfit last week and it’s sooo bomb! Fits so well and my husband LOVES it! He said it fits my shape way better than other pairs of leggings I have

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