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Lets look at new lingerie collection of 2019. Find out Lingerie demonstration by try on, help you for selection of right Lingerie. Perfect lingerie perfect Model.

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1. Babydoll Set Bra and Panty Lingerie –
2. Lace Bra Set Lingerie Bra and Panties Push Up-
3. Babydoll Bra and Panty Sets Mini Bodysuit-
4. Transparent Underwear Lingerie Lace Bra –

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  1. i like your presenting skill ,so creative
    Hi viewers i am a fashion freak! like yo, would you like to start a journey with me?????????????????????

  2. Love this video! Did you find the sizing accurate to your regular size or did you need to size up or down?

  3. What size did you end up getting in the yellow tie front dress ? 🙂

  4. The navy blue Maxie dress I have in dark green and I wore it to Christmas! So so comfortable😍😍😍

  5. Please please don't say… Oh my God! I really want to support your channel but I cringe everytime you say that. Please Emily I ask you very nicely 🙏🏻

  6. You have made some really good choices. Hopefully you can do another clothing haul through amazon

  7. I just ordered an amazon dress and i loved it so much so I’m now looking for more great dresses to buy!

  8. What size did you get the dresses for reference please
    ? 🙂

  9. Basically bought the navy maxi because of you! Best decision ever

  10. hi can I wear the yellow dress without bra or it's Too much ? love u ^^

  11. Buy some cups and you can sew them in really easily. I love some amazon dresses!

  12. Would you please share the size you ordered in the pink dress? I am going to order it but i have no clue what size to get… thanks!!

  13. What size did you get the pink dress in? I’m a size 10/12 not sure what size to get xoxo

  14. I love all these on you! Question, how tall are you? I ordered that exact dress with the spaghetti straps and buttons. The blue and white one? I agree, the fabric is definitely synthetic! My problem is I am 5”2 so I find most of these knee length and longer dresses just look so funny on me! I don’t think I’m quite tall enough for them 🙄

  15. Have never done this before definitely good for bargains lovely dresses 👗 xxx

  16. I loved ALL the dresses! I would like to see the comfy gray middy length dress with a sash or long decorative scarf at the waist gathering. You could mix up the colors and patterns, since the dress is a neutral gray. You could even twist the sash into a rosette on the side. Would be so pretty. ~Craig's wifey

  17. My favorite was the blue maxi dress. I have it in green! So comfy.

  18. Why did I never think of Amazon for clothes?! Haven't been able to find and decent affordable dresses…till now!! Thanks Emily, you look stunning in all of them x

  19. Thank you for doing this. I love affordable fashion!! I’m a teacher and all of these are comfy and work friendly dresses! I’m all about comfy stuff! Thanks again!

  20. I love the harem pant jumper I actually have it in 2 colors. I like to wear with a fun cage style bra so you can see a little. It’s great when gets hot here in TN in summer. I wore to my 5 y/o bday party at a splash pad and it was great

  21. Loved it all! Great picks. Side note: because these dresses aren't available for shipping to Israel, I looked it up and it's all on AliExpress! So if there's anyone like myself to whom this isn't available.. There's a way 🙂
    It's slightly cheaper there but I'd definitely pay the extra couple bucks to get it next day 🙂

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