29 thoughts on “HUGE SHEIN SUMMER TRY ON HAUL🦋 I 20 + ITEMS ! Affordable Clothes + Accessories *Under $10*

  1. Awesome haul! Nice items and your body is bangin girl! Also the lashes you are wearing are the prettiest I have never seen! I'm gonna order a pair!

  2. I just started watching you and I’m in luvvvvv. What shape wear do you wear?? I clicked the link in the description but I want the one you wear for dresses

  3. I have that same problem with shorts and even some jeans because im thick but my waist is smaller so if I buy a size smaller the jeans or shorts wont go up my legs but if I get a size up the waist firts loose and bunches up akwardly.

  4. Im so scared to order! i just hope i get the sizing right 😰 I dont know if i should buy in small or medium i did put a little weight on during Quarantine

  5. Unfortunately I have to go out to go to work soooo….. It sucks bcuz I have kids and a husband with a heart disease and I'm more worried about bringing something home to them. We have to wear masks the entire time (which I'm pretty sure is not guaranteed to prevent it) and its so hot and miserable. But bills got to be paid so someone has to do it. I've been working ever since it started and by the grace of god I'm not sick. 🤞🙏❤ anyways I hope everyone is staying home if you don't have to go out. Be smart and stay safe. Stop the spread.

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