Lingerie Bikini Bra skirt dress shorts leggings try on Haul 2089 +18

Lingerie Bikini Bra skirt dress shorts leggings try on Haul +18 #LINGERIE #BIKINI #bra #dress #leggings #shorts #flash

People are visual beings and there’s no shame in providing a bit of eye candy to your honey. If you are not wearing sexy lingerie on a daily basis, it is a great surprise for your hubby when you step into the bedroom in something a bit more revealing and teasing.

Strappings, garter belts, lace, red and black – all of that will do.

After having been married for years, there’s nothing better than spicing up the evening with a surprise like that. When you are just starting with the relationship, sexy lingerie will showcase the best perks of you and will make your boyfriend desire you even more.

Though understandably, your bedroom life shouldn’t revolve around just sexy lingerie, it won’t hurt to make some little surprises now and then. Your lover will thank you with a steamy night!

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  1. Sunflower dress: Yes!
    Blue floral lace dress: Gorgeous! Looks so great! Makes you look better than ANYTHING! So so so pretty!
    Pink Plaid dress: really really cute. Wonderful bodice!
    Daisy/Poppy top: looks tacky, it's the print that is to blame, I also hate sequin, so that's my bias. It might look better with a different fabric because the shape looks great on you.
    The periwinkle top: too much going on. Sequin doesn't belong on a day look.
    Green lace top: I like but tie the waist cinch more.
    Rose floral top: Adorable! Would look so pretty with white or green leggings!
    Green daisy dress: That is definitely a dress and it looks AWESOME! You don't need to wear leggings with it, it's definitely long enough.
    Ombre moon top: would look great with white leggings.
    Great choices! Especially the florals!!!

  2. Omg!! I'm in love with all, my favorite is the 1st one, pink flowers, and the green fringe dress. All of them look awesome on you too. Robin

  3. Everything thing you bought looks so pretty on you but my favorite was the first dress you tried on! ❤️

  4. The first dress is the best I think it suits you so nicely and it’s perfect for summer! I love the natural makeup as well you dont need foundation, unless you want to 🙂

  5. In my opinion, everything looks really great on you but the mint lacy sleeve top. Also, I like how you always put a positive spin to everything.

  6. Is that where you shop only ? What about Torrid or Lane Bryant, Fashion to Figure ? You need to shop different stores because not everyone likes Dresslily.

  7. Those first two dresses, and that rosey pink/white tunic top are best imo. Fav try on vid of yours so far.

  8. This is your best DressLily haul by far!!! Literally every single item is beautiful and extremely flattering on you!!! Great choices!!!

  9. The green shirt/dress with the flowers is so pretty!! I agree, I think you could definitely wear it as a dress! Also, the natural makeup looks super nice! 🙂

  10. Everything from this haul is super flattering on you! The pink floral top is my favorite, it’s so girly and cute. 🙂

  11. Wish you chose to record an ASMR video that night, you missed a real thunderstorm background 🤯

  12. OMG such pretty dresses! I love the sunflower one! They all look great on you!!!

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