Late *ss Swimsuit Try on Haul

Hey Sistas and Mistas! We just wanted to show y’all some cute bathing suits we got this summer. Sorry summer is almost over but we live in LA so swimsuits all …


30 thoughts on “Life Update + Zara Sale Shoe Haul

  1. You are full of substance, Dionne! I love your channel♥️

    Prayers for your dad and the whole family. Your faith will see you through. 🙏🏻

  2. "Congratulations Dionne"
    Truly you deserve every great thing that God had in store for you…
    My prayers are with you concerning your Dad.

  3. Congratulations on your new job! They're lucky to have you. Sending best wishes and prayers for your father.

  4. Hello Dionne, Happy New Year. Wow! Potassium is a sign of kidney failure???WTF???? Good for you! Where is Johnson Institute? Zara for me is a very long tail sale.

  5. I'm so sorry to heard that ms Dionne I will be praying for u and your father I'm glad u back with a haul tho

  6. Congratulations on your new position…sounds so fitting for you. Life happens and so it’s definitely appropriate to stop/ pause to attend to your loved ones.

  7. Missed you but thrilled for you at this new opportunity! Praying for your parents – do what you need to do Ma'am, we'll be here.

  8. OMG, Love your new position! Thank you for sharing. I’m in higher ed and have a love for fashion. Dream job to combine those! Excited for the direction of Your channel since I’ve been laying off reselling recently.

  9. Hey Dionne Hey 👋!!! I missed you chica!! Well any who Happy New Year to you and your family also your father is in my prayers… my dad also does dialysis 3 times a week…. CONGRATULATIONS on your new endeavors as far as being in a administrative position that is WONDERFUL!!!😘tfs

  10. I knew God had and have great things for you sweetheart you go girl sorry to hear about your dad I been there and know that By Jesus stripes he is healed

  11. Bless New Year to you and the family. I pray all the best for your dad and yes congratulations on the new job. Dionne that is what the medications do, sorry to say they only make matters worst. So, do ask questions and do your research. I went through cancer with my mom and it was a lot. I was in their face. Don't really trust them. Praying once again for the best.

  12. Happy New Year! I’ll pray for your dad! Congratulations on your new position!!! Those red shoes?! Yes ma’am!

  13. My goodness Dionne I hope that things improve for your Dad. The new job sounds absolutely great – well done you! I am a great believer in subversive shoes. Happy and healthy New Year to you and yours. God Bless.

  14. Im so sorry to hear about your father. I hope his medical issues get sorted out. It is so hard when our parents start getting older.
    Congrats on the new gig! I wish your family health and happiness in the new year!!!!

  15. Hey I really enjoyed your video hope you can check out my channel as well. Definitely staying tune for more from you.

  16. Congratulations Dionne and tons of success in the new Position! I've been following you for about a month and have thoroughly enjoyed the information shared. Health, happiness, and many blessing to you and your family! Just fyi, I made my first Goodwill purchase today as a result of following your advise.

  17. Congratulations on the new gig and house. I missed you and hope your dad is doing better.

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