40 thoughts on “ONLINE SHOPPING HAUL!!! (JustFab shoes)

  1. Hello I am a new JustFab buyer, and I noticed that you said you have a fat calf. I was wondering if you knew the size of your calf to know if my caff well fit the boots i decided to buy, I measured mine and its 16 and a quarter in size and I don't know if the boots I just bought just fit me. Please help!!!! I was wondering if this company will be worth the purchases i might do in the future.

  2. Many people say justfab is a scam and all this other stuff i saw on YouTube? Can you make a video talking about all that please before i order and get ripped off lol their site is so cute im so confused HELP

  3. I own a gazillion pairs of shoes. I love there commercial, my daughter has there subscription monthly shoe thing. But I much prefer better quality shoes. She loves them tho'

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