24 thoughts on “HUGE ZARA TRY ON HAUL! | Immie and Kirra

  1. immie i have a similar body type to you (petite but with a bigger chest) i have found it hard to find clothes that fit my chest and the rest of my body and are flattering i would really appreciate if you made a video on advice or how you style clothes with your body type please xx

  2. Whoever reads this…Jesus is reaching out to you right now! He LOVES you so much! You are His precious child. He says Return to Me, return and don't look back! Oh how much He loves you! Oh how He bled for you! How He wept for you! Return to Him precious child! There is a big war coming soon that will change the world completely and your soul is in DANGER. Come to Him before it's too late. He's right there patiently waiting for you to open your heart to Him.

    May God bless you and keep you safe.

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