1. yaasss for body positivity!! you are gorgeous girl 🙂 thank you for sharing I loved your sneakers. also please don' t sleep on Forever 21 they have some really cute workout clothes. I love them <3

  2. So glad I found you girl!! Someone I can relate to !! My body figure is so like yours !! Glad your embracing it and inspiring us to do the same!! 🙌🏼

  3. I clicked this so fast bc I just had a baby a few months ago and my boobs are out of control. I knew you’d know what’s up for the big tatas out there

  4. Just found your channel and I'm so happy I did ! I feel like we have the same body time I have really big boobs and have tummy after I had my daughter i am so self conscious about it 😞! Thanks for sharing this video !

  5. love this i have the gray sports bra from Victoria secret ! and love it !!!!!

    love these videos , and girl you look great!

    lol at the camel toe comment you made the struggle is real , it depend on the pants or legging one wears 😁

  6. I've absolutely been loving your videos lately, the fact that you promote body positivity and you embrace your figure, I'm all about that life. I think people are becoming more aware that there are different body types and sizes, more importantly embracing and loving that. Yessss! The world would be so boring if we are all skinny, tall and beautiful. Haha xxxx

  7. New to your channel but I love your sincerity! If we were perfect, there wouldn’t be anything to work on and that’s just plain boring! Stay blessed 😉

  8. Let me have like 25% of your “girls” so i can atleast be a full B cup! Im like barely a B 😭😭😭 looking good though gurl!

  9. You’re so lovely. Don’t just say whatever about your figure, you’re healthy and you’re beautiful and your cancer free. That’s something to look positively on.

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