48 thoughts on “Trying on Sexy Clothes I Could NEVER Wear in Public (MAJOR SHOPPING REGRETS)

  1. If someone is saying you should be raped. Report there comments to YouTube and the police.

  2. Well, boobs are sexualized for two reasons: ONE. They are erogenous zones. Which is hot. TWO. Most times they are hidden, almost always. How do they expect people will stop making a great deal about them??

  3. 💜💚😘 Wow Really Soo Sexy Dress…& Looking You Soo beautiful…Your body Really Soo Wonderful….& i Think you're Really beautiful Queen 😘💙💔

  4. Stepanka, you don't need to change your body, you're already perfect!

  5. 346k lonely men at your disposal. Must be nice. Not really judging, it's just convenient to have followers and I haven't yet gotten the pluck to foray into public life.

  6. Labas,Isties nezinau ka acakiti.Taip jau buna kad paviluotai siulo savo meile reikia galvot kad zmogus ne zaislas.Atleisk aciu😘 ❤🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  7. my dick is getting hard idk but i want more 🤣 kindly put out the censored thing i want you lets get a life if you like😍

  8. Play at 25 slow motion and pause right at 4:15 no nipples though. 👎🏽

  9. Hey Beautiful these sexy cloths suits you at lest your not a shy girl I love to take you out on a date xxx

  10. А как можно увидеть Вас голой без одежды?

  11. It be good and great if clothes like this was free without emotion offense & fear

  12. You censor the dress in the video but the thumbnail for the video isn't lol. You crack me up

  13. First of all I want you to know we have all done stupid stuff in are lives. No body has any right to judge you!!! . You are beautiful .

  14. A massive black barr might be good for U-Tube,.. but what about posterity ? – OR,.. maybe a black dot that follows your nipples everywhere,.. you know like the puck behind the boards, when you watch hockey on TV.

  15. Show it off baby!! Heavenly Angel😍😍😘❤

  16. 2019 hard to believe breasts need to be censored

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