Huge Shoe Haul 🥿👠👡👢👟 | Shreya Jain

Finally! I am sharing with you my shoe haul! Please don’t feel the need to buy everything or anything from this video if you don’t need it!


Shoes Mentioned:

Red Mules:
Out Of Stock

Yellow Flats:—clean-interweave-mule-123009.html

Golden Strap Flat:

Black Crossover Flats:

Black Woven Flats

Qupid Tropical Tie Ups:

Holographic Shoes:

Snake Print Sandals:

Black and Transparent Heels:

Grey Kitten Heels:

Yellow Tie Ups:

Crystal Embellished Pencil Heels:

Rose Gold Crossover Heels

Green Block Heels:

Black Dragonfly Heels:

Tweed And rhinestones Shoes:

Rose Nude Tassel Heels:

Colour block Oxford shoes:

Nude Pumps:

Embroidered Nude Tie Ups:


What Am I Wearing:

Earrings: Ajio

Lipstick: MAC RMLL in SO ME

Nailpolish: Nail Art By Yours Truly



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Disclaimer ‣ This video is NOT sponsored by any of the brands mentioned throughout this video.Some links might be affiliate. All thoughts mentioned are my own.



25 thoughts on “Fall Try-On Haul | Outerwear, Shoes, & More! | soothingsista

  1. While I really like Stephanie and think she has a great vibe, it's really obvious how this video is just blatant advertising. You can see that she has never worn the shoes she's advertising out, and the clothes still had tags on it, so she's just promoting the items without even testing them out irl. There's a fine line between recommending and advertising and it's disappointing that people like Stephanie and Jenn do it so obviously now so it's like they don't have their own opinions anymore.

  2. I had a baby pink Old Navy fleece that you couldn't peel off me haha.

  3. Hey just wondering where the tee shirt you’re wearing is from? Love the vid and your sense of style! Thx beautiful xx

  4. Your face is so gorgeous. Ugh you should totally be a model. <3

  5. Ive been wanting booties like those ever since I saw the Gucci ones (obviously can't afford those) and I just found this video but theyre sold out now on the website :((

  6. I have always been hesitant to get anything from Eggie cause there doesn't seem to have designs that truly caters to people with big chest frames except the sweaters. Kind of disappointed to see how the blouse hung on you as it seemed to prove my theory right with the bra showing and the cloth stretching across your chest in a way that looked like it was not meant to be intentional. Love Jenn and you, of course, but I think it would be beneficial for the both of you if you could collaborate with Eggie to release a collection that actually make our body types look bomb.

  7. oh my gosh all those fleece jackets look so cute on you! Love this haul

  8. Oh my god the sexy detective comment had me dying what a look tho ❤

  9. Those high-heels boots look like Lara Jean's boots from To all the boys i loved before lol

  10. Would you rerelease your soothingsista graphic tee? You should make more graphic tees or make a clothing line. You’d kill it girl!!!

  11. I have a really different style and taste in pretty much everything from you but I watch all your videos because I just love your personality so much 😁

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