7 thoughts on “Shoe Try On Haul | Comfort Heels | Amazon Prime | Shoe Review

  1. i have to tell that your pumps were all sexy, lovely and cute, they look cute on your sweet feet, and you said about body glad,? and Shawna mentioned about how the umps slid up? well i have to tell that one of the sexiest moments and turning on moves for any lady t know is when her pumps pops up and she her foot heel, the same like when you did @ 4:52 and onwards,,, it drove me crazy, and will make any fetish feel the same and would love to go down and kiss your shoes with your feet in…sorry no offend…but just wanted to assure you that heels slipping is one a biggest turn for guys,,,,and it will show the back of your foot heel skin ,if its soft it will indicate how attractive and caring lady you are ::))
    its one of the secrets of shoes psychology..i can tell more if interested ..

  2. I have the same issue. Love heels but have terrible feet. The red patent leather Comfort Plus are cute and a great price. I have pair of heels that are similar but they wreck my feet every time I wear them. They make any black outfit look sassy. My heels slip up a lot. I have started putting heel grips on the inside of the heals. I have also invested in body glide for your feet to help with rubbing. Works great for flats and heels. Fun video! I'm going to try a couple of pairs you liked.

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