33 thoughts on “CHEAP WORKOUT LEGGINGS | Amazon Haul

  1. I’d rather spend the extra $ to get the real brand tbh can see and feel the real difference

  2. Haha you looking down for business in the thumbnail. Get down to the nitty gritty in some cute booty leggings.

  3. Are all of them are moisture wicking or do they leave sweat marks??

  4. I too know the excitement of an automatic lid! It waits for nothing 😃🙄

  5. I love these space buns on you! Also, I think I have the same pink fuzzy blanket! Great video love, super informative and I love the descriptions + ratings you gave!

  6. This was great apart from the man walking around in the background! Wouldn’t he let you just film a video? Haha! 🙏🏼 Thanks for sharing!!

  7. I honestly like you a lot Naomi! You are very detailed, just like your video on how to use gym equipment! You gave me way more confidence about going to the gym because of your detailed instructions and motivational tips. Make more videos please! <3

  8. Can you please do a video on your favourite workout leggings? I’m about 5’3” with short legs and have struggled to find a flattering pair that fits properly 😔

  9. THANK YOU for mentioning the seams. I'm not fond of seams at the waist & the video was perfect & I thoroughly enjoyed the creativity. Thank you again.

  10. YouR Sooo FuckinG PrettY SexY asF💣🖤🖤😘😘🔥
    ⚘😘😘😘😘Everything is On Fucking PoinT😻😻😻⚘😊😊😊
    Super PRETTY SexY TRY ON Haul🖤🖤😊😊😊🔥
    They All Fit U Very Well😘😘
    DamN ThaT Booty Tho😗😗👀🍑
    NEW SubbiE
    HopE u Have a Wonderful Weekend aS Well

  11. LOVE this review! Your details and descriptions were perfect for a short shopper like ME. hahaha, thanks girl!

  12. Love the transitions between leggings. Came from your insta and your space buns are still cute as ever! 😀

  13. Please make a video of your top fav leggings, sports bras and tops. I would love to watch haul videos too.

  14. I love that you compared similar products! At some point you should make a list of things you look for when buying leggings and why. It’d be helpful since there are SO many brands of leggings out there. Thanks for sharing!

  15. You are seriously the cutest!! Loved this review!!😩🙌🏽 and omg can u please do a makeup tutorial or brow tutorial?? Ur makeup and brows look so perf!❤️

  16. your husband going about his business and putting together a trash bin is the best thing ever… i laughs so hard

  17. You can get the 90 degree leggings at Marshalls. 😊

  18. What do you mean by squat proof? Like they show your butt?

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