HUGE BIKINI HAUL *10 months postpartum🤰🏼* //teen surfer mom

HELLO I’ve been wanting to do a bikini haul for a while! Here are some of my favorites that I currently own. Which ones are your favorites? Leaving a link to all of the companies below.. comment if you want to see more! thinking of doing one somewhere tropical 🙂


-Blackbough bikinis
-Stonefox bikinis


16 thoughts on “Summer PLT Try On Haul + Shape Range Review

  1. The corset is great and the blue and white dress looks like a perfect summer day…just size it up like you said. You're gorgeous as always! Thx for the video.

  2. Hello! Enjoyed the haul. Hope all is well with you.

    The white and blue dress like you said just needs proper sizing. The corset top looks good on you and seems to be a good fashionable piece. The bodysuit you seemed happy with and it looked great. I can't explain the extra fabric on the white trousers are flattering on you. Maybe cut the tags if it doesn't ruin the structure otherwise I enjoyed how they fit you.

    Another great haul

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