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Link to the Shein clothes:


Pink ruffle shirt:

Grey biker set:

Striped ruffle top:

Black dress:

Tan long sleeve dress:

Orange bodysuit:

Blue and yellow two piece set:

Orange two piece set:

Grey crop top:

Tan pants:

Blue blouse:

Snakeskin dress:

Angel two piece set:

Color block dress:

Striped belted dress:

Green/pink blouse:

Flower top:

Butterfly blouse:

Color block blue top:

Grey pj set:

Grey robe:

Blue pj set:

Orange ruffle dress:

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  1. Wow, you guys must have been together for a long time. Its so crazy how couples start to look and act like each other after so long. You guys look and act so similar. Wait, are you siblings?

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  3. you should allow him to kiss your feet while you wearing the heels… theyre amazing hot

  4. I am going to order those over the knee boots, are they worth it? How long did they last ?

  5. Iv never seen another video of these two but Iv meet the girl in the videos doppelgänger!

  6. Wow! Great wish haul video. Sometimes you just get what you paid for. Your video reminds me a lot of THE CHEAP CHICK site. You need to check her out. You both give very honest no if ands or buts.

  7. I love your videos! I'm not a fan of the chipmunk voices though. It's a little annoying lol. But other than that your videos are great and entertaining!

  8. Word from one man to another . She thinks your fat but she doesn't want to tell you .

  9. You guys are Extremely AWESOME, " we look like bobble heads" lolol you both are so funny and Natural. More videos👍👍

  10. Wow that heel string could of held the heel on and your pants up all at the same time. Lol 😂 overall they were nice heels.

  11. i'm having a problem installing wish. it just keeps installing 10 to 15 min.Att that point , i backed out.

  12. Anyone know how tall she is??? I’m 5 ft an I REALLY want knee highs but I’m afraid I’ll look ridiculous

  13. You two are so cute! Your little munchkin voices made it even cuter lol I've ordered from Wish for about 2 years now. I love the snail face serum and 3D mascara is great! I've only been disappointed a few times. I've ordered a blouse once other than that one I've only ordered like makeup, black mask, a couple of insulated lunch bags and a couple of makeup bags. One of the makeup bags had the name on the leather tag spelled backwards lol

  14. I've seen a lot of wish hauls. I would like to see the higher money range prom or wedding dresses. The over $50.00 dresses. They do take returns.

  15. When you wear your red boots use silky socks. It will help make your feet more “slippery”!

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