1. During this quarantine all I've been doing is making YouTube Yoga videos, binge-watching yoga and athletic wear haul videos, and shopping for yoga clothing on Amazon lol…. great video! I did NOT know about Shop Tagr girl… I will be working on this today haha 🙂 PS. the Queenieke high waisted leggings are LEGIT AMAZING… I have them in 6 different colors now.

  2. i think i am fat so i do not were leggings😭 i am so insecure 😔😔😔 every tight thing i wont were because els you can see my leg fat. atleast that is what i see😔😔😭

  3. I have 2 different colors in same pant from Queenie but depending on color they are different polyester to spandex % one is 65 polyester 35% spandex and stretched thinner and one is grey and non solid color feels stiffer with 75% polyester and 25% Spandex… Of tit are not sure just like at the large print right below size it says fabric composition. But they definitely vary according to some colors. I live that they have the thin seam band on top of waist as it holds them up and they never roll with movement like lulu leggings do and some more closer to aligns fabric wise colorfulkouala that have no seams on top of waist and have task buttery soft texture I have dark camo in heard some I heard some older colorfulkuala do not feel anything like aligns ( I personally can't stand aligns) they have no compression or hug sensation. Colorfulkouala feel exact like align and have same exact waist structure but have a slight hugging sensation which is great they're best leggings I subset bought on Amazon next to new Tesla and quennieke ( the firmer ones)

  4. If you've never owned Lulu leggings, the 90 Degree ones are fantastic for their price point. For me personally, they are a little tight in the waist and loose behind the knee but for $10-$15 you really can't beat the quality. I have them in a few colors and I wear them for Olympic lifting, HIIT, and cardio without any complaints really. I have black ones in small and medium because there are different styles (with and without pockets, different materials, etc.) but still, if you've never worn Lulu they're great workout leggings. Definitely more than a 6/10

  5. I hate when people compare these 90 degree leggings to aligns they’re NOTHING alike… especially the top seam that digs in your hips & waist & aligns don’t, it hugs you & just sits nicely. If you wanna find a solid dupe – check out Mayra Leggings from Ptula or the Alainah Leggings from Ptula. Most similar to aligns for half the price. I haven’t tried queenie ke and definitely want to ! I appreciate this video!

  6. Update ladies!! I purchased the Queenieke on Amazon for $17.88 and I’m obsessed! They fit so good and make my booty look nice and perky! Haha also slightly high waisted which I loveee! Must buy! I am 5’5 and the length fits good, does have some extra room though for taller ladies!

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