How to not be a basic bit on V-DAY | ADULT TOY HAUL & TIPS
Enter code JAE at checkout for 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping in the US. *Certain items may not be eligible for discount.

These are the items i have!

Remote control bullet:

Sex Slave Kit:

Sensual Touch Massager:

Luxe Princess Vibrator

Glass Anal Training Kit

Eve Pheromone Infused Perfume

Business Inquries:

Camera – Canon EOS Rebel T5i
Editing – Final Cut Pro

FTC: This is a sponsored video but i always keep it a hunnid thou


39 thoughts on “Clothing Haul / Try On Video – ASOS, Lovisa, Portmans, Wanted shoes | RubyGolani

  1. I really loved the Video ! you should try it more and work more on clothes .. 
    A fan from Tunisia 

  2. 80 for jeans ?? :0000 i don't pay more than 30. That's juts crazy. But anyways, more hauls please 🙂

  3. Are you kidding! Those white pants you're not so sure about are the ones that fits you the best 🙂

  4. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I have the loveliest bunch of subscribers!! Happy birthday to all the December babies out there 😛 xx


  6. In the clothing rack in the back where is that white and black checkered thing from

  7. Happy late birthday!! Love your videos and your personality❤️❤️

  8. Hi Ruby! I love your makeup videos, and I loved your haul, I think you should do more 🙂 Can you do a get to know me video, or a ask me video? I dont think that you ever made one…
    And I really like to know a little bit more about yourself!
    Love you, lots of love from Portugal ^_^

  9. I love this!!! you should totally keep this going. Liked to see you talk and being funny and ironic. It was different and cool 😀 

  10. Happy Birthday khoshgel! You're my fav beauty guru xx

  11. Happy Birthday khoshgel! You're my fav beauty guru xx

  12. Heyyyy HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY. RUBY. You should try some other colors they will look stunning too on you :*

  13. Happy birthday ruby!! ♡ i love that you start to do this kind of videos because it is so much personal as just a voice over. You have a lovely personality show us more :***

  14. Youl look extra beautiful in this video. Love your make up. Please make more hauls like this and more videos in general. xx

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