HOT SEXY GIRLS LINGERIE Bikini try on Haul 392 +18

HOT SEXY GIRLS LINGERIE Bikini try on Haul +18


People are visual beings and there’s no shame in providing a bit of eye candy to your honey. If you are not wearing sexy lingerie on a daily basis, it is a great surprise for your hubby when you step into the bedroom in something a bit more revealing and teasing.

Strappings, garter belts, lace, red and black – all of that will do.

After having been married for years, there’s nothing better than spicing up the evening with a surprise like that. When you are just starting with the relationship, sexy lingerie will showcase the best perks of you and will make your boyfriend desire you even more.

Though understandably, your bedroom life shouldn’t revolve around just sexy lingerie, it won’t hurt to make some little surprises now and then. Your lover will thank you with a steamy night!

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12 thoughts on “VALENTINO ROCKSTUD SHOE HAUL DEC 2018!!!

  1. Hi Rose, glad to hear you mention "Cost Per Wear" in your video review of Valentinos. Welcome to the western side of the USA by moving last year! We are in the Southern California desert ourselves. If you ever want to consider getting a special pair for 1 night out that you won't have to worry about cost per wear, or having to resort to a Dupe, we are here for you. We are a authentic luxury designer high heel rental service and would love to have you check us out. Let me know and I can send you a link to the promotions we are currently running. You have great taste in shoes for sure!

  2. Welcome to Arizona!! I live in Scottsdale Arizona. It’s January now, maybe you already moved here. Love all your purchases😍

  3. Hi dear love the Valentino Rockstud! I have a few pair myself and they really make the outfit!!🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️😘😘

  4. your a shoe mistress… @ 17:16 i wanted to submit for those open toe Valentino heels…. they need to be kissed and submit for…. would you like to hire a shoe cleaner for free ::))

  5. Gorgeous shoes and they are a forever pair lol have 3 pairs don’t forget to protect underneath. I use sole guard they work great!

  6. Wow that's a lot of rockstud shoes, congrats and thanks for sharing ❤️. I love the slides and the color of the flat shoes soooooo beautiful. Sorry to say we have sunny skies around 70's in Cali but I hear rain is coming.

  7. Wow what a beautiful shoes, congratulations Rose 👍, I leave in Virginia and very cold here today 30 degrees ☹️, and don’t have snow yet.

  8. Happy Humpday my beautiful friend Rose!!🤗 Here in Kentucky the weather has been's been so cold plus the snow&freezing rain left me without phone and internet on Monday!! I love your gorgeous new Rockstud's and the beautiful nude color is so stunning!! I agree with you about how I miss when Chase was he's 16 & just wants money but it was so wonderful watching his excitement when Santa brought his toys! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas & I know you're going to love Arizona!The pastel grey slides are beautiful & perfect for those warm,sunny days!!☀️

  9. Wow hun! You are most definitely ready for Arizona! Major Valentino haul!😍😍 Gina❤️

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