Honest Review on Sizing & Fit II Gymshark Try On Haul

Excited to bring you this haul! This video is not sponsored by Gymshark.

Blackout sale https://gym.sh/Shop-Georgie-Blackout

https://gym.sh/Georgie-Blackout70 the women’s 70% off page
https://gym.sh/Georgie-Blackout50 the women’s 50% off page

Sizing & links below! In Order of haul:

Amplify Seamless Leggings – 20% off https://gym.sh/Georgie-Amplify
Embody Sports Bra (Sea Foam Green) – 30% off https://gym.sh/Georgie-Embody-Sports-Bra

Vital Seamless Sports Bra (Dusky Pink Marl) – 20% off https://gym.sh/Georgie-Vital-Sports-Bra
Vital Seamless Leggings (Dusky Pink Marl) – 20% off https://gym.sh/Georgie-Vital-Leggings

Flex Leggings (Peach Coral) – 70% off https://gym.sh/Georgie-Flex-Leggings-Coral
Flex Sports Bra (Peach Coral) – 50% off https://gym.sh/Georgie-Flex-Sports-Bra

Slounge Crop Top (Washed Khaki Marl) – 30% off https://gym.sh/Georgie-Slounge-Crop-Top
Slounge Leggings (Washed Khaki Marl) – 20% off https://gym.sh/Georgie-Slounge-Leggings

Dreamy Shorts (Dusky Pink) – 20% off https://gym.sh/Georgie-Dreamy-Shorts
Dreamy Sports Bra (Dusky Pink) – 20% off https://gym.sh/Georgie-Dreamy-Sports-Bra

Flex Leggings (Light Grey Marl/Chalk Pink) – 70% off https://gym.sh/Georgie-Flex-Pink-Grey
Endurance Sports Bra (Chalk Pink) – 20% off https://gym.sh/Georgie-Endurance-Sports-Bra

Energy Seamless High Waisted Leggings (Sky Blue) – 50% off https://gym.sh/Georgie-Energy-Seamless
Ease Sports Bra (Ice Blue) – 40% off https://gym.sh/Georgie-Ease-Sports-Bra

Ombre Seamless Sports Bra (Black/Light Grey) – 50% off https://gym.sh/Georgie-Ombre-Sports-Bra
Ombre Seamless Leggings (Black/Light Grey) – 50% off https://gym.sh/Georgie-Ombre-Leggings
Ballet Crop Top (Steel Blue)—20% off https://gym.sh/Georgie-Ballet-Crop

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