Hey Babes, Unfortunately, since I purchase the items in store & it was a sale, I do not have links to include here for you guys; but I hope you can take this video …


35 thoughts on “10 Spring Shoes 2020 + Try On Haul *MOST WORN in my shoe collection*

  1. So with white sneakers I think the adidas Stan smiths are the way to go. They are very feminine and streamline and just look so good. Also the common projects look kind of like those Ted Baker ones and they are way less chunky

  2. ECCO Soft leather sneakers come in lots of colors. Very comfy right out of the box. They're less chunky/heavy than most IMO. KEEN makes a cap toe sneaker that's adorable & super casual. If you like a sleek low look,it pains me to say this because they're expensive, but FRYE will last forever.

  3. I bought the Gold Emilia Pleated Knot Mules from Saks. They were 25% off. I just looked at your link and those shoes have a smaller heel. I prefer the shorter heel. The ones I got are higher.Gonna have to return them and catch the shorter heel ones when they are on sale.

  4. I love the color of your Gucci slides… Some time back you recommended a chunky heel sandal from Target of all places. I grabbed a pair for half off and they are well made and also attractive so thank you for that….. Have you seen the Katy Perry Jelly with the Lime or Lemon that goes between the toe? They are darling for pool or…… I went down a half size in them. Thank you loved the content.

  5. You’re so pretty. In the white top did you use the self tanner all over. You looked so tan. Does that tanner rub off in your white and pink clothes!

  6. I’m also a very big Miller fan. I also prefer the patent leather over the natural leather. I really don’t like the “ghost toes” that can be left in the natural leather shoes.

  7. I agree with the low heels being more confortables than flats. In fact for the body it's better to have a ~3cm elevation than nothing, and I'm also walking faster with that 😘

  8. I would love to see some shoes and outfit choices for what you wear in a clinical setting. I got accepted into PTA school and we are told that for our labs and school clinic days that we don’t wear scrubs, and no shorts or skirts, dresses etc as that would not be appropriate. So I would really love to see some outfit ideas (particularly comfortable pants) and closed toe shoes that one could wear in a clinical setting. Edited to say I did see your video from last year of what you wore to work for the week and i loved all those options but would still love to see a newer video similar again 🙂

  9. "Less clumsy in your old age!" LOL!! — Yes, I am shoeaholic; no, I don't need help. 🙂 Loved the way you styled your shoes, Amanda! Wedges are easier to wear as a heel. Full solid bottom; and, more often than not, the heel height isn't as much as regular heels because of the extra sole under the toes. And, I also like a bit of a heel versus just flat – it's easier on my back to have just a little lift. — I like that, no matter the style, you tend toward blush/neutral colours. It really extends the options of what to pair them with. 🙂 Thanks for such a complete video – lots of ideas, tips and examples with actual outfits! 🙂 Shannon A.

  10. I just ordered the white sneakers❤ I also ordered a pair of bombas no show socks, so I hope they work out well with the shoes. Do you have any recommendations for no show socks that don't come off of your heel?

  11. I ordered the Tory Burch Millers in Sea Shell Pink. They came today and are so beautiful! ❤️ very much a neutral. Can’t wait until I’m allowed to go somewhere so I can wear them! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  12. Hi Amanda! I recently found THE BEST white sneakers, the Cole Haan GrandPro Tennis Sneakers. They are SO light on your feet and super comfortable, zero break-in time required. And I think they're cute, not chunky at all.

  13. I bought Backer Lace Up Sneakers by Guess from Macy’s (using their online App which I adore!) I chose the floral canvas but they offer white as well, take a peek …the lower cut around the ankle is feminine and flattering. I am a 6.5 but bought a 7 and almost wish I had stuck to my 6.5 but I usually half size up in sneakers and tennis shoes…

  14. Great vlog!! Yes, please an updated Target haul, it’s the only place I can think of that we can shop (brick/mortar) presently and I’m just not a Walmart person at all… thank you!!

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