29 thoughts on “TRYON CLOTHING HAUL: Spring Essentials + Online Picks

  1. In love with the editing and your style… omg and loving how you put a bible verse at the end!! ❤️❤️✨

  2. the editing gets better and better in each video What?!!

    ross, marshall's and tj maxx always have cute clothes/accessories u just gotta have a LOT of patience

  3. You guys must really love puffers to throw that into a Spring essentials!! XD As always I loved your video and I really like the lace detailed top from eggie, I was thinking of getting that for the summer (too cold here in London to wear now).

  4. I really really like the format of this video! I feel like a lot of hauls are super long but this is short and sweet and to the point (still love the sit down hauls too but it was refreshing to see a new format! ✨

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