22 thoughts on “GYMSHARK HAUL | my new favourites!

  1. Love your videos, very detailed thank you, I'm heading over to GS to buy a few bras now. Thanks!

  2. Very well done and informative haul ❤️ you look PHENOMENAL in everything 😍 I could listen to you all day 😍 please keep the videos coming ❤️ stay safe ❤️ LOVE your channel ❤️ you are simply FLAWLESS ❤️!!!

  3. Hi love! I create similar content 💌 Would love to support each other xx

  4. God I really shouldn’t be watching this, gonna end up buying some new gymshark bits now 😂

  5. Hey, Annie Openshaw, I Think The Black Pair Of Leggings Is The Best One 'Cause Black Is One Of My Favorite Colors.

  6. Hey, Annie Openshaw, You Have A Great Taste In Clothes And Fashion, You're One Of The Queens Of Fashion, And You're One Of The Queens Of Beauty. 😊

  7. Hey, Annie Openshaw, I Wanna Tell You Something, You're One Of The Prettiest Girls I've Ever Seen 'Cause You Have A Great Personality, You Have Beautiful Hair, You Have A Beautiful Voice, You Have An Awesome Style, You Have A Great Smile, And You Have Really Pretty Eyes. On A Scale Of 1-10 Of How Pretty You Are, You're A 10/10. On A Scale Of 1-10 Of How Awesome You Are, You're A 10/10. You Rock! I Wanted To Tell You This 'Cause I Really Enjoy Being Nice To People, I Love Being Nice To People, And Being Nice To People Is One Of My Favorite Things In The World. 😊

  8. The origin seamless were a bad fit for everyone in the waist 😭 I sent mine back.

  9. I’ve never bought from gymshark before and this was super helpful! would you say most of these leggings aren’t see through?? 💖

  10. could you make a what I eat in a week? want healthy Inspo and would love to see more recipes from you as I love the past ones xx

  11. Over the last year you have become one of my favourite YouTubers! Your content is just so relatable and real 💕

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