1. Hello Lisa! How are you? I hope you're well. I wanted to ask you something. Maybe you can answer me. Can men also wear this leggings and cycling shorts? Is it good for everyday use? Can I use them anywhere? What would you recommend? What is your opinion? I really liked your channel. If you can help me, I would appreciate it very much. I'll be happy if you could answer me. Have a great day! Thank you!

  2. Today is my birthday and I’m a fan of you do you have any old leggings that you don’t wear anymore

  3. i wanna get some high waist flex this blackout but I don't know if i should get a S or an XS. I'm 5'3 122 lbs, 25 in waist, 36 in booty. I own 2 pairs of the original flex both in XS and I like the fit. Help? 🙂

  4. I feel like you’re the only gymshark athlete who tells us which legging isn’t squat proof💜

  5. Okay I just bought those same geo seamless leggings in black and they were SOOOOO sheer on me. Like no way are they squat proof. I'm shocked that you say they are. I wonder why there would be such a difference?? I ended up returning them because they were too seethrough.

  6. Thank you for the video Lisa!!! You are always so helpful with your reviews on YouTube and Instagram!!!

  7. I wish Gymshark would restock the vital seamless crop tops in indigo and that beautiful blue😩

  8. Interesting how you put your measurement up. Waist measurement in inches and the hips measurement in centimeters.

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