32 thoughts on “HUGE GYMSHARK HAUL

  1. You have a lot of men admires. I guess add me to the list because your are so adorable. Just Listening to you talk is smoothing. So, I just came her for your adorable voice

  2. I’ve just filmed my own gymshark collection as well on my channel! Check it out ▶️ Briony Johannah❤️

  3. Not really sure who the buyers/designers are of these clothes but they all look like horrible.

  4. Always interesting to see the difference between styles & fit in the USA compared to this side of the pond in Europe. It’s a way more fitted style here. I have to say from your videos you are on trend and have a natural sense of style. The shorter Addis shorts are a way better look. Those new Gym Shark shorts are a bit too long but it’s the thin material makes for a more creased look as they don’t sit right. Plus with that thin material you have to be conscious of what underwear as they show the outline in even detail. Most guys haven’t a clue or don’t have the confidence to wear anything but boxers. Not a good look from what I see in the gym a lot of the time 🙄

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