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47 thoughts on “TARGET, H&M & VS PINK TRY ON HAUL | Summer 2018

  1. You are so relatable…gorgeous but real. Love your try on vids because we are built similarily. Also, I just am soooo tempted to go rose gold on my hair every time I watch your stuff. Keep all the great videos coming girl! xo

  2. Your hair always looks amazing but this color is STUNNING! Thanks for always doing such honest reviews for us! Love from Wisconsin!

  3. That bathing suit from Target is so cuuute. BTW- your filming room looks so adorable!!! You should do a room tour! 💖💖💖

  4. Did anyone see the pooch she was talking about? because I didn't lol Sam you have a great body

  5. Every new video I’m like ugh how gorgeous is her hair gonna be this time and YEP STILL BEAUTIFUL

  6. The filming of this video and the lighting is seriously clear, BEAUTIFUL, and classic. Your hair this color is my favorite.

  7. Do you use ALL OF YOUR CLOTHES??? You have A LOT. Do you ever give something to good will etc? I don`t understand how you can use ALL of those clothes…I don`t even have half of all your clothes, and I also give to "good will" ( Fretex it`s called here)

  8. Your body is insane! So beautiful. Also I’m totally copying that hair color haha. Ive been taking screenshots to show my stylist 😂

  9. That thumbnail girl!!! 😍😍💕😍😍 oh btw love all the things you got you make me want to go shopping lol

  10. Hi Sam. Have you ever tried h&m jeans? We are the same size and body shape and wondered and if you like them?

  11. Sam, I love your videos! I notice you are hard on yourself sometimes about your body. Have you ever thought about counselling? Body image can affect so many aspects of our lives, and accepting what we have (body, skin, etc.) can be so difficult in today's society. I completely understand how frustrating it is to be short and curvy. Just an observation! Love your vids, girl.

  12. Sam your hair looks great so full. Mine is all thinning so I’m super jealous. Can you do a hair video?

  13. Hey Sam, truly enjoy your try on hauls. Love the H&M V neck sweater, I bought this sweater a couple of months ago in the pink, blue, khaki, black /white stripe. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  14. Loved your picks, they have quite a few of them on the UK site so we will be twinning lol xx

  15. Sam, love that swim suit, absolutely sweet. Also that pink sweater! I shop winter sweaters in the summer, some of the best deals & most are on clearance with extra off. 💫

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