28 thoughts on “SHEIN & ZAFUL try on bikini haul 2020 *honest review*

  1. Gorgeous nice haul Olivia! I love your personality and sense of humor as well.

  2. I want to buy the purple one, but cant find it and you said you were gonna put the links in the description box. Can someone help??

  3. Bruh I was on Omegle with her at the quote on quote end of the video and I was flirting with her and she said she was gonna post it and she didnt

  4. Omg Olivia!! I love you so much,you are an a very important example for me and my inspiration and very PRETTY and COOL🌺🌼✨💪🥺. I love your personality and channel videos are so funny and COOL. You are so nice and funny, omg,you are🌞😊💜so PRETTY Olivia!!!Kisses from Tenerife(spain🇮🇨🇪🇸💙)and ily!!💚🙃💙🌌🌼🌺💚🌏💫💖

  5. It's logical that you broke up with your boyfriend coz every body knows how you're body looks like you are always showing all your body parts and I don't know why I'm here

  6. I wonder how many guys in her school be watching this lol

  7. Just some friendly criticism but try on hauls of any kind go over better when you can see all of the items being shown off it seemd like you where kinda hiding abit and then blurring the mirror i understand bikini try on hauls can be uncomfortable but if your gonna do one just go all in your beautiful xx anyway you got a sub out of me either way as you just seem fun ro watch in general 🙂

  8. Lmao if your a creeper please leave then flips the camera off 👌

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