1. That gray one and burgundy one are 😍😍😍. Instagram simply_jackie1

  2. Thanks for the outfit suggestions. It’s good to know and see them on someone before purchasing. Very cute!!!! Instagram: Fondaelaine 😊😊

  3. Wow the pinky/purple combo is stunning!! I loove activewear, I cant get enough!! 💕💕

  4. These are all gorgeous! I ordered some pants from PopFit and unfortunately they were a bit scratchy 🙁
    Ig : Russiandoll1995
    All of these clothes also look so nice against your skin tone ❤️

  5. Giiiiiiirl you better know what to say. This disrespectful booty of mine. I need my waist and butt to get it together…and my boobs too. My chest is a smedium, waist medium, booty a med/large…lol. I just buy a medium and hope for the best. I still have go shop out of Juniors section lol.

    And yes the sucking in game is wheeew. Can't be great lol

  6. I’m a fitness junkie so all of these look really good to me😍I would wear them all
    IG: phancy_t

  7. Cute! I laughed at you talm bout " I dont want to breath" . Im the opposite. I don't do tight no more. Instagram name: Hollaatdakid_aka_mznuneo

  8. I love the CRZ Yoga and 90 Degree by Reflex brands! I love that their sports bras work for smaller and bigger chested gals!

  9. Great active wear! Love the burgundy combo! Are the leggings see-through??

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