1. Yes girl please more videos !!! Thank you for your videos I’ve been looking for modest church outfits and I am thankful or to channel that has brought a lot of ideas and thank you for introducing me to SHEIN girl yes ♥️

  2. I love your channel . I’ve always found it hard to find other modest you tubers with modest fashion so thank you so much . Could you do a skirt collection and where you got them specifically jeans skirt ! Please and thank you ! God bless ❤️

  3. I'm so glad I found you on YouTube! It's so difficult to find a good modest apostolic Pentecostal on YouTube. I'll try and continue to watch your YouTube channel for now on! Great job on the vid! I enjoyed all these tips and will definitely try it out!

  4. Girl!!!!!!! Check out elevated faith. It’s a website and they sell such cute stuff, they have so many biblical items. So many bracelets with such cute meanings, clothes such as Jesus is King shirts and hoodies, and so much more. I’ve gotten so much from the website so not a scam! I love wearing stuff that it Biblical or has a Biblical meaning.

  5. Amen! Great haul!! Trying to fill my wardrobe with a little more biblical attire as well. Just bought two tees (one of them says"Jesus sparks joy") and can't wait to wear them!:D

  6. I love watching your videos 😍 I joined my church and I'm trying to dress modestly (I am no fashion expert trust me). Your videos have helped a lot and I feel more confident to go back to school looking good! Though I do have one question, are there certain skirts that you don't tuck your shirt into? Ones that won't look good if you do tuck your shirt in?

  7. Everything fit you so well!! I also buy my modest clothe from SHEIN but I do have to say that make sure you read the reviews based on sizes and what type of texture the clothing is! It’s a 8/10 clothing site but can’t miss out on the blowouts 😂

  8. A modest swimwear/activewear look book would be great! Like??? WHERE do I get a swim top that isn’t $50-60-70+🤦🏻‍♀️👀👀👀
    This was a great video!

  9. Proverbios 31:30 Engañosa es la gracia, y vana la hermosura; La mujer que teme a Jehová, ésa será alabada. 🌺 Dios te bendiga mucho hermosaaa sigue hacia delante cariño 😍❤️.

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