43 thoughts on “NEW SEX TOY HAUL FROM ADAM & EVE! – Sex Ed with Tara #32

  1. Hi Tara,
    My girlfriend had never had a vibrator, before I introduced her to them. It a Catholic thing, sin,sin, sin!
    Her main concern now is cleaning them.
    I said dishwasher was the best way, but not sure with the newer silicone type, will hold up to the high temps, and cum clean?
    Your thoughts or advice is always welcome.
    Walt and Mary

  2. That first dildo looks magical :O
    You should send toys to all your female viewers πŸ˜‰
    Hint Hint

    Kidding, but seriously, you're really awesome and that was a cool thing to do.

    Love you!!

  3. can your next video be about how guys can increase sensitivity? for what ever reason I have never achieved an orgasm during sex. any advice?

  4. Tara you know there is millions dollars to made if you start reviewing these puppies, like 10s of millions, id even let my grandparents watch for that much money. we know who you are personally by now, just expand and take over the world already to just get the money then get out lol.

  5. Gotta remember: That awesome pillow is also really great for those who have large height differences between themselves and their partner(s), or if they have disabilities or injuries but still want to be able to have sex and feel comfortable in the process. <3

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