Hey guys, so in today’s video we’re showing you some outfit ideas for birthday dinners or parties etc.. We went to forever 21 and Windsor to see which had what …


41 thoughts on “CLOTHING/SWIMSUIT HAUL | White Fox Boutique

  1. Your such a beautiful bright charming gorgeous young lady Tammy, all those lovely sexy outfits look really great on you, you have a wonderful personality & nice curves & a lovely body, simply your absolutely fabulous😍😘❤💋💋

  2. Omg no hate but all of you wanna have her booty..looks really good but is clearly fake..I don't hate on her. She can do whatever makes her confident. But is sad seeing girls feel bad and wanna have something that is not even real.
    Again don't come for me.. Nothing against her.

  3. You have a fantastic figure. So, why-oh-why would you completely RUIN your possible modelling career by having all those drunkin' Grafetti tattoos on your masterpiece bod? It just rules you out of any serious contracts. You may like them. Some friends and fans may like them. But to the general public it just says "I am a cheap slut". Sad, especially cause that is not who you are.

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