Forever21 Tryon Haul! Very Trendy

Here are the links for all the items I tried on:

Green Long Sleeve Crop Top (S): SOLD OUT

Checker Surplice Bodysuit in Colbalt/White (S) :

Notched Collar Knotted Top in Emerald (XS): SOLD OUT

Striped Mock Wrap Top in Cream/Red (S):

Honda Cropped Cami in Blue/Multi (S) : SOLD OOUT

Metallic Denim Crop Top in Silver (S):

Metallic Mini Skirt in SIlver (S): SOLD OUT

Wanna Piece of This Graphic Tote: SOLD OUT

Thank you all for watching!!!! Your support means the world to me x



20 thoughts on “BIKINI TRY-ON HAUL!! *cute & affordable for summer 2020!"*

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