Flipkart footwear haul Flipkart heels and flat footwear haul, affordable footwear haul under 250-600

hi everyone, todays video is about flipkart footwear haul.
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cara Mia Women BEIGE Heels
. http://bit.ly/2XtdUfL

CaraMia Women BLACK Heels

Cara Mia Bellies For Women ( beige flats)

Myra Women Matt Pink Flats

Myra Women Tan Flats

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30 thoughts on “WOW GYMSHARK… DROPPING 3 NEW SEAMLESS?! | Full Review & Try on Haul | VITAL ENERGY FLEX

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  2. Estas bonita se van a enamorar de ti todos los juadores de la NBA, NFL, etc.
    Hadta el trump.

  3. May I ask you? like me boy could i wear the same sportswear as most girls in the gym? I find this comfortable clothes

  4. Hi Robin ! May I ask a question to you? Why you are so beautiful, nice and sweet ?

  5. She is so pretty and sexy. Honestly eyes gravitate towards her perfect crotch. So feminine

  6. No hateful intentions, but the Vital Seamless are NOT the perfect leg day leggings… I am currently on a hunt for which gymshark leggings is squat proof, and I am so disappointed by some inaccurate information by alot of these gymshark atheletes. I purchased a pair of the Vital Seamless in black, after all the hype over them. Yes, they are extremely comfortable and great fabric! I am so confused though how you are stating these are squatproof though. Maybe the other colors are squat proof, but the black ones are not the best leg day leggings. I have had success that the High Waisted Flex are very squatproof though!

  7. Does the energy+ range have any issues shrinking in the wash? X

  8. Awesome ass I'm going to dream about her.

  9. Are there sweat stains? Especially the Blue one?

  10. Thank you for the in depth review! Your size & measurements chart is really helpful as well. Whenever I look for reviews and try on hauls on Youtube, I'm always hoping the Youtuber includes their sizes for reference or what size they wear in the brand. Often times no one says their size so the review is no good, but you went over and beyond to include every size possible for reference which was SO helpful! Please continue to do this in other videos, thank you 🙂 P.S. Your glow is so beautiful!!

  11. Thank you for the in-depth review! Thank you for talking about the length too because I'm only 5'1 and I was worried these would be too long, so yay! Now to decide between XS and S…I'm an XS in Energy+ and Flex

  12. I just want to say I don't watch to many of these videos. But I have to say you are beautiful and you have a gorgeous body.

  13. i’m a 25-26 waist, and 32 hips but i’m kinda in between sizes i think. i’m afraid if i take the xs it’ll squeeze too much, but if i get the S they’ll be loose in the waist. what do you recommend?

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